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Golf Mobility Screening and Fitness

Golfers are invariably surprised at the mobility and flexibility required to achieve a powerful, dynamic golf swing. They dream of hitting the ball further or curing their slice but often don't realise that they can achieve their goals more quickly through understanding and improving their mobility, flexibility and strength in key areas.


Joel offers a 30-minute screening process that will help the golfer identify any golf-related limitations in their range of motion. This screening process takes place in Cambridge Country Club's gym area and costs £40. For only £40 you will receive:

  • A 10-step screening process

  • A report highlighting key areas for improvement that can then be shared with a sports therapist and/or personal trainer.

  • To help you get up and running with the process you will also received a 15% discount off your first 30 minute session with our in-house sports therapist, Emanuela Carinci and personal trainer, Sam White.

To book your screening contact Joel at


You can find out more about Emanuela and Sam below.

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Emanuela Carinci, Sports Therapist

Emanuela's vocation as a sports therapist has been informed by her career as a professional volleyball player, working closely with healthcare professionals in the industry. She has trained and studied in both Italy and in the UK, working for several years with the University of Cambridge before joining One Body at Cambridge Country Club. Emanuela has been trained in golf screening and can treat a variety of issues including: sports and deep tissue massage, myofascial release, trigger point therapy, proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation, sports taping and tailored rehabilitation exercise programmes. 

You can contact Emanuela for your 15% discounted follow-on session at:


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Sam White, Personal Fitness Trainer

As a highly experienced, fully qualified personal trainer, Sam's career choice was very much a vocation inspired by a significant weight loss programme which saw her drop 6 stone and 10 clothing sizes. Her passion now lies in helping others achieve their fitness goals. Through her personal experiences, training and assisting countless individuals to feel better about themselves, Sam understands the relationship between fitness and mobility. Trained in golf screening, Sam is here to get you moving and swing the golf club with more power and dynamism.

You can contact Sam for your 15% discounted follow-on session at:


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