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Order or Merit Champions

Winter 2024 - Alfonso Ciappa

Summer 2023 - Ewan Mottram

Winter 2022 - Horace Wong

Summer 2022 - Isla Khraud

Winter 2021 - Brianna Mafemba

Summer 2021 - Ziggy Malig


Current Stag of the Month

Finely Hettle (April 2024)


Stags Cambridge Lakes Course Record

Hamish Shorrock - 31

(30th July 2022)

Henry Seacombe - 31

(29th October 2022)

George Rutter - 31

(30th September 2023)

Alfonso Ciappa - 31

(24th February 2024)

Beth Mcnicol - 31

(30th March 2024)

Current Major Winners


Masters Winner - April 2024

Ewan Mottram

Stags Open Winner - July 2023

Hudson-Grey Pirie

Autumn Classic Winner - September 2023

George Rutter


Next Major

THE MASTERS: 27th April 2024

Summer League
Round 2 of 6
Points: 1st=100, 2nd=70 through to 8th=10
Majors are double points; Ties share points. No ties for 1st


Current Stags can look up their Stags handicap by clicking below. Alli-Balogun, Nicodemus-20 Atkinson, Evelyn-36 Berry, Juliette-27 Berry, Lucienne-21 Bloomfield, Elijah-16 Bottrill-Summers, Henry-17 Caldwell, Finn-16 Calver, Amelia-26 Calver, George-24 Carlton, Will-10 Chow, Edgar-32 Chow, Kate-31 Chow, Yani-25 Ciappa, Alfonso-9 Cook, Austin-21 De Young, Austin-10 Farrant, Ethan-10 Farrant, Luke-10 Fleming, Archie-11 Fleming, Charlie-14 Girling, Charlie-10 Green, William-22 Groom, Harry-8 Harvey, James-12 Harvey, Will-13 Hettle, Finley-11 Hettle, Jack-19 Hewitt, Josh-23 Hewitt, Max-8 Hiemstra, Marielle-33 Huisman, Logan-14 Hope, Abi-11 Hope, Oscar-13 Jefford, James-10 Khraud, Isla-23 Khraud, Sofia-18 Killan, Logan-46 Li, Bella-29 Ling, Saffron-9 Maclennan, Finn-14 Mafemba, Brianna-12 Maher, Alana-25 Malig, Lily-15 Malig, Ziggy-10 Mcnicol, Beth-5 Mcnicol, Daisy-34 Mcnicol, George-11 Mottram, Ewan-25 Nash, Austin-21 Oxley, Noah-27 Paley, Annabel-13 Pang, Ethan-8 Pirie, Hudson-Grey-18 Prior, Harry-31 Rutter, George-7 Sangray, Ganga-23 Sangray, Radha-11 Sangray, Tulsi-19 Seacombe, Henry-8 Seacombe, Robyn-8 Shadforth, Josh-11 Shadforth, Zach-8 Shorrock, Hamish-4 Smith, Arthur-19 Smith, Sylvie-18 Snaith, Hannah-11 Stewart, Fraser-25 Tangella, Charvi-32 Trowell, Oliver-19 Werry, Lawrence-9 Whyte, Alex-15 Whyte, Ethan-19 Wong, Clara-30 Wong, Horace-18 Zee-Pigg, Clarissa-36 Zee-Pigg, Poppy-Mae-11

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